CSIRO scientist resigns over ETS "censorship"

Censored paper?

Censored paper?

This will cause a stir. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of the internal CSIRO emails either! Too much to hope for, I think…

A senior CSIRO environmental economist has resigned after saying his criticism of the emissions trading scheme (ETS) was censored.

Dr Clive Spash has resigned after three years with CSIRO. For most of this year, he had been in a dispute over the publication of his paper which criticised carbon trading schemes.

Read it here.


  1. Ah .. dangerous to argue with the New World (Religious) Order

    The more things change … Just ask Galileo …

    You are a brave man Clive … So much for freedom of speech eh! Reminds me of Henry Ford .. “You can have any colo(u)r as long as it’s black!”

  2. We like to look down our noses at countries like North Korea, Iran, China and the former Soviet Union that ruthlessly censor and suppress the information that their citizens have access to. How much more enlightened and tidy we are here in Australia – our public institutions like the ABC, CSIRO, SBS, BoM, etc. censor themselves, and thereby save the government all that expense and unpleasant publicity.

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