BBC flagship current affairs programme runs "Climategate" debate

Debating CRU

Debating CRU

BBC radio’s flagship current affairs programme, Today, has aired a 12 minute debate with Jonathan Porritt, sceptic Philip Stott [amazingly], and the BBC’s environment correspondent, Richard Black.

As Biased-BBC puts it:

Porritt admitted through gritted teeth that there was something to investigate in Climategate (though of course still maintaining that “most scientists” say there is a consensus), while Stott skillfully painted the picture of why there are major doubts about the causation of warming, and that taxation of CO2 would not in any case solve the problem. (source)

Listen here.


  1. Jonathon Porritt’s name has come up recently over at my blog, he supports population control to curb AGW and is backing population offsets (PopOffsets). Find it here:

  2. I don’t believe it! Are my ears deceiving my? I just heard Climategate mentioned on the ABC news… wonders will never cease.

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