Idiotic Comment of the Day: David Jones, BoM

ICOTD: Worthy winner

ICOTD: Worthy winner

Here’s the head of climate analysis at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, showing astonishing ignorance about what is happening in the climate:

The decade 2000-2009 is very likely to be the warmest on record,” said World Meteorological Organisation secretary-general Michel Jarraud.

Head of climate analysis at the Bureau of Meteorology Dr David Jones said the data should silence climate sceptics.

Clearly climate change hasn’t stopped, global warming hasn’t stopped,” he said. “The planet is continuing to warm – and it’s warming in our back yard.”

Shall we take it apart?

  1. First off, the climate is warming gently from the depth of the Little Ice Age, and therefore it is no surprise that temperatures this decade are warmer than last. This proves nothing about the influence of human emissions of CO2.
  2. The present warming is not unusual in magnitude or rate.
  3. “On record” means since 1850, ignoring the Holocene Climate Optiumum and the Medieval and Roman warm periods, all of which were warmer than present.
  4. Sceptics do not believe that climate change isn’t happening, but they question the extent of human influence. To claim that rising temperatures on their own will “silence sceptics” is laughable.
  5. Check the satellite records:

November 2009 temperature plot from UAH

November 2009 temperature plot from UAH

There has been no statistically significant warming since about 2001. It’s true that the fudged surface station data shows warming, most of which is man made (i.e. man made “adjustments”), but the satellite data isn’t open to such manipulation, and shows no warming.

Verdict: 0/10. Must try harder.

Read it here.


  1. Black Duck says:

    This guy wouldn’t be related to the inimitable Phil by any chance?

  2. I notice a very interesting quote in that article:

    “Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has distanced himself from a proposed climate change deal in Copenhagen, despite Australia being one of the countries involved in its drafting.”

    Wazzat?? Our “Friend of the Chairman” is doing a runner when things start to go pear-shaped?

    What’s he telling us? That he doesn’t actually have any influence? Despite endless tearing around the world yapping at other world leaders?

    So – like all megalomaniacs, it’s all “me! me!” when things are going well, and all “them! them!” when it goes pear-shaped. Sad, really.

  3. What a lot of tosh! Everyone expected the second half of the year to be warmer as the latest El Nino kicked in. It’s been sputtering away for a few months now and in the past 2 or 3 has really got some legs. Were it not for good old El, we might have had another significantly cool year. It is disingenuous for the Met Office and news reports to pretend otherwise. Still… what do you expect..

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