Must see video: "It's a Climategate Christmas"

From Minnesotans for Global Warming, the team that brought you “Hide the Decline” (see here), comes a medley of Christmas favourites:

Check out the M4GW site here. (h/t: I love CO2)


  1. Brilliant!

  2. Dr. Ross Taylor says:

    Update on non-warming in Copenhagen: As emergency AGW conference continues, it is perhaps ironic to study some weather information readily available on the internet. I apologize that the figures are not absolutely precise because they are taken from graphs at Anyone can check my calculations, which took about 20 minutes and were not taxpayer funded.

    In the last 28 years (as far as the online records go back), the highest December temperature in Copenhagen was 11 degrees C and that was back in 1983. Over these years, the average highest December temperature was around 7 C.

    First day of Copenhagen: a high of 7 C, exactly the same as the average of the last 28 years and 4 degrees COOLER than the high of the last 28 years.

    Second day: a high of 7 C, the same.

    Third day: a high of 6 C, 5 degrees cooler than the December high of the last 28 years.

    Fourth day: a high of 6 C

    Can someone please point this out to the eminent delegates?

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