UN sweeps Climategate under the carpet

La la la - I can't hear you!

La la la - I can't hear you!

After initial reports that the UN would investigate the Climategate emails, it appears they have now backed down, and believe the only issue worth looking at is who was responsible for the leak/hack:

Speaking to an overflowing audience of scientists and media at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, Rajendra Pachauri said the main issue was to find out who was behind the theft. ”One can only surmise that those who carried this out have obviously done it with very clear intention to influence the process in Copenhagen,’‘ he said.

Dr Pachauri, flanked by the senior members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, defended the integrity of the scientific findings on climate change, backed the scientists under attack at East Anglia and warned the IPCC’s next report was likely to show grimmer news. [Oh please, tell me something I don’t know – Ed]

Last week he told the BBC the UN’s science body would ”look into” the matter of the stolen emails.

But he told reporters in Copenhagen he had meant the IPCC would examine the affair to see whether the organisation needed to learn any lessons from it.

He insisted the only formal investigations into the emails were being done by the university and the British police. (source)

The IPCC and Pachauri don’t even want to hear. Fingers in ears. Move along. Nothing to see here. But aren’t we just about to spend trillions of dollars based on their recommendations? Ludicrous.


  1. I guess that’s how they do things in the IPCC – science in the service of man, and all that.

    But … but .. what are their qualifications, you ask? Good question.

    Well, Rajendra Pachauri – the Chairman – is ..a .. railway engineer, of all things.

    Ogunlade Davidson – Vice-Chair #1 – is .. a .. Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

    Click to access Davidson.pdf

    Hoesung Lee – Vice-Chair #2 – goes to great lengths to hide it, but he is ..an .. economist! A sort of Stern and Garnaut clone – or is that “clown”?.

    Jean-Pascal van Ypersele – Vice-Chair #3 – the only one of the 4 with a science background.

    Click to access cv-van-ypersele.pdf

    Great — a train driver, a maintenance mechanic, a liar and a modeller are in charge of shaping the biggest decisions ever to affect everyone’s well-being.

    But then again – superbly qualified to sweep stuff under the carpet.

  2. Tom J. Arnold. says:

    This is the least surprising leak from Denmark, what possible reason could the UN have for revealing the truth of this complete scientific scam?
    The UN and corruption are synonymous, are they not?
    And the Kobenhavn bunfight goes on, everybody is have a wonderful time and b****r the truth.

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