Australia may "foot huge climate change bill"

Us (L), Them (R)

Us (L), Them (R)

Another global socialism alert, as a fudged deal in Copenhagen will mean that billions of dollars of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars will be sent to developing countries to help them “cope with climate change”, instead of where they should be going, to education, health, law and order and all the other domestic policies that are in such a disastrous mess under Rudd & Co:

AUSTRALIA faces having to make a hefty payout to help developing countries such as China and India cope with climate change in order to clinch a deal in Copenhagen.

Despite Australia facing a domestic Budget deficit of about $50 billion for the coming year, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong told The Sunday Mail from Copenhagen that Australia would have to contribute to so-called climate “abatement” funds if India and China were to come into the climate-change tent.

“There are a range of figures flying around,” Senator Wong said. “(British Prime Minister) Gordon Brown has proposed a $100 billion mix of public and private money. We have not indicated a figure but we have indicated we’re prepared to do our fair share.”

Do you remember anything about this in Rudd’s election promises? That they plan to send billions of your dollars to other countries for no justifiable reason? I don’t, and I’m not happy about it.

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  1. Hmmm… this has not been a good week for megalomaniacs. Rudd’s “Copenhagen Text” has been condemned by the developed world as self-serving (including by China, no less). He now goes to Copenhagen empty-handed, plus he got stood up by Obama last week and missed out on an opportunity to grandstand.

    These are all worrying signs – plus the fact that he has been strangely silent on this issue in the media this week. His posturing on the world stage looks like collapsing in ruins – I suspect the real reason that he has sent 100+ delegates to the conference is that he demonstrated in Bali that he craves an audience to preen in front of and to tell him what a magnificent job he is doing. It’s hard to see him getting a repeat standing ovation in Copenhagen, unless he brings his own.

    It concerns me that this week we will have two fully-fledged loonies on the loose in Copehagen, who will not be satisfied until they have been proved “right”, whatever the cost. But that’s the worry about megalomaniacs – cost is something to be borne by others.

  2. Dr. Ross Taylor says:

    A bit chilly in Copenhagen now, fortunately all the UN delegates are nice and cosy in expensive hotels, being paid for, that’s right, by you and me. I apologize that the figures are not absolutely precise because they are taken from graphs at Anyone can check my calculations.

    In the last 28 years (as far as the online records go back), the highest December temperature in Copenhagen was 11 degrees C and that was back in 1983. Over these years, the average highest December temperature was around 7 C. Please note, I am using the highs, to put the strongest possible case for the warmists.

    Day 1: a high of 7 C, exactly the same as the average high of the last 28 years and 4 degrees COOLER than the high of the last 28 years.
    Day 2: a high of 7 C, the same.
    Day 3: a high of 6 C, 5 degrees COOLER than the December high of the last 28 years.
    Day 4: a high of 6 C
    Day 5: a high of 5 C, 6 degrees COOLER than the December high of the last 28 years.
    Day 6: a high of 3 C, 8 degrees COOLER than the December high of the last 28 years.
    Day 7: a high of 2 C, 9 degrees COOLER than the December high of the last 28 years.

    hello, hello, is anybody there?

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