Copenhagen Day 7 – China, again

Day 7

Day 7

China looks like the best hope of scuppering any deal at Copenhagen, and since such a deal will achieve virtually nothing for the climate (remember the Kyoto 0.07˚C) but plunge millions of people back into poverty, a deal of this kind is the last thing we need.

China and other developing nations were yesterday maintaining the tough stance they had taken in these negotiations from the start. They argue that developed nations owe a “carbon debt” to the developing world for emissions already in the atmosphere and that the existing international negotiating mandate does not require developing countries – even China, the world’s largest emitter – to make binding emission-reduction targets that can be internationally checked.

But the US, Australia, the European Union and other developed nations have said a draft agreement from the conference negotiations reflecting that stance is totally unacceptable and no basis for any Copenhagen deal.

US chief negotiator Todd Stern said: “The United States is not going to do a deal without major developing countries stepping up.

Senator [Penny] Wong said such a result would not deliver the environmental outcome that was the whole point of the Copenhagen talks.

The developed countries point out that 97 per cent of the growth in greenhouse gases between now and 2030 will come from the developing world, with China contributing about half of that. Erwin Jackson of Australian think tank The Climate Institute said leaving one of the world’s biggest emitters out of a new treaty would be fatal.

“Without a treaty that fairly covers all major emitters, global action will be undermined and political support would collapse into a meaningless pledge and review system,” he said. (source)

There are also problems over the verification of voluntary developing nation cuts, with China and India both stating that it’s their own business. Some media outlets are already contemplating failure, as the Herald Sun puts it:

‘Fizzer’ fears for summit

We can only hope.


  1. Good news at last. Let’s all step back from this lunatic charade and get on with our lives and proving to the world that AGW does not exist. I fear for large numbers of the watermelons though, when they finally have to admit that the world is cooling and their religion is wrong. The psychological counselling required will be immense.

    And while we are at it, let’s have the US, Canada, the EU, Australia and New Zealand withdraw from the United Nations. Why should we fund this bunch of useless bureaucrats any longer?

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