Greenpeace deface Sydney Opera House

Throw away the key…

Throw away the key…

In the cause of global socialism and anti-capitalism. Remember, this hasn’t got anything to do with climate change (© Tony Blair):

Five environmental activists hung a banner on one of the sails of the Sydney Opera House today with the message: “Stop the politics, climate treaty now”.

A Herald photographer said the campaigners took down the banner as police escorted them down the sail.

The protest, which started about 8am, was timed to coincide with the global climate conference in Copenhagen.

“Australians have made it clear that we want strong action taken in Copenhagen,” Greenpeace chief executive Linda Selvey said in a statement.

“Greenpeace is taking this message to world leaders and demanding they come home with nothing less than a legally binding treaty that safeguards our future.”

As if Greenpeace represents the views of the Australian public! I don’t think so.

Read it here.


  1. The Copenhagen adventure is politics, I say stop the politics too. Bring everyone home and shut up about human caused global warming until you can actually prove something.

  2. Hopefully they have arrested these people and also charged Dr Linda Selvey – ex Executive Director of Population Heath, Queensland

    Read her Greenpeace, and ACF involvement, also the involvement with the Gore here:-

    Extract from text:-
    In 2007 she was trained by Al Gore as a climate change presenter and has since conducted around 20 presentations to large audiences at state, national and international forums, including politicians and the health sector. Dr Selvey says meeting Al Gore was “fabulous, very inspiring… I learned an incredible amount and my interest and motivation to do something about climate change expanded dramatically.”

    So we have another Gore trained – The Climate Project connector.
    Something about the “smarter they are, —————————” ‘complete the sentence’

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