Copenhagen: Ethiopia advocates global socialism

The Ethiopian suggestion

The Ethiopian suggestion

And supported by France and Britain – surprise surprise. Sarkozy the closet socialist, and Brown the old-Labour socialist. Climate change is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the perfect way to introduce global wealth distribution via the back door, without anyone noticing. The Ethiopian proposal is as close to this as it’s possible to get – I’m amazed they said it with a straight face, as they prepare to fleece the developed world right under its nose.

AFRICAN nations, led by Ethiopia and backed by France and Britain, have presented a plan to break the deadlock at the Copenhagen talks by raising billions of dollars to help poor countries cope with climate change through levies on international aviation and shipping and possibly even a controversial global financial tax.

Kevin Rudd discussed the plan with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown soon after his arrival in Copenhagen. Mr Brown, along with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is backing the Ethiopian scheme, although the financial tax proposal was last night meeting resistance from other developed countries.

A spokesman for Mr Brown said London supported the Ethiopian proposal and hoped it could “provide a way forward” for the struggling climate change talks.

Where will the money go? To adapting to climate change? Er, I don’t think so. Into the pockets of despots and dictators.

Stupidity really does know no bounds.

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  1. One thing you have to give these Labor Loonies credit for – they do believe in recycling.
    Brown floated this “financial transactions tax” at the G20 meeting last month:

    Everyone laughed at it then — but apparently he’s still pushing it with African despots and desparate Australian “leaders”.

  2. Black Duck says:

    The incredible thing is that until Mal Turnbull was beaten by a solitary vote, Australia was rushing headlong to embrace this idiocy. Why would any thinking person want to contribute even a farthing to the likes of Chavez & Mugabe.

  3. It is about time we forced our Socialist twits to turn their backs on their peers in the socialist west and allow OUR people to live in the peace they deserve. How will it be done ? Certainly not with the words of wisdom,they will have to be made see the light.

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