Copenhagen: Open letter to R Pachauri from Viscount Monckton and Steve Fielding

Lots of porkies

Economical with it

Rajendra Pachauri, the Nobel prize-winning climate expert, er, economist, er, railway engineer who heads up the politically motivated and corrupt IPCC, was spouting his usual brand of “truth” at Copenhagen, but Christopher Monckton and our own Steve Fielding weren’t going to let him get away with it, and take his spin to pieces in this 14 page open letter, and they don’t pull any punches!

We should be grateful for your response within 48 hours, failing which we shall be entitled to presume that you, the IPCC and the EPA – to whose administrator we are copying this letter – intend to conspire, and are conspiring, to obtain a pecuniary advantage by deceiving the public as to the nature, degree, and significance of the global surface temperature trend. In that event, conspiracy to defraud taxpayers would be evident, and we should be compelled to place this letter in the hands of the relevant investigating and prosecuting authorities.

In any event, errors and exaggerations such as that which is evidenced in the IPCC’s defective graph do not inspire confidence in the reliability of the IPCC’s scientific case. Given this and other mistakes that an international body of this nature ought not to have made, and given your numerous and direct conflicts of interest that have, in our opinion, been insufficiently disclosed, we are also copying this letter to the delegations of the states parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change with a request that you be stripped of office forthwith.

Download it here (PDF – 1 MB)


  1. Black Duck says:

    Talk about follow the money! I had not seen a list of Pachauri’s conflicts of interest before. How can he remain in his current position.

  2. Andrew Duffin says:

    He’ll just ignore them.

    And nothing will be done about it.

    If you pit a known maverick like Monckton against an establishment figure like Pachauri, regardless of the facts involved, it’s not really a contest.

    The establishment did not establish itself by playing the game by the rules, or deferring to facts, or acknowledging science.


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