Fantasy: ETS will make people better off!

Shifting it around for no reason

Yes, that’s the line being spun by Peter Garrett, who claims that despite the ETS increasing living costs for everyone, nearly 3 million households will be better off thanks to the government’s compensation plan:

Mr Garrett [Garrett? On climate? Where’s Penny? – Ed] said the scheme would raise the average cost of living for low-income households by $420 a year, while their compensation would add up to $610.

In addition to the average $190 gains for low-income households, 97 per cent of middle-income households would receive at least some form of direct cash assistance and half of them would be fully compensated.

“The opposition have spread misinformation around about the Rudd government’s efforts to tackle climate change, but the fact is lower and middle-income households will be compensated by the government for the expected price rises under the scheme,” Mr Garrett said.

The government has been forced on the defensive by the Opposition Leader’s assault on the ETS. As Mr Abbott said on a Sydney radio station just before Christmas: “There is a real people power revolt against this big new tax and it is being led, in many cases, not by traditional Liberals but by traditional Labor voters — blue-collar workers in industries like coal mining who know their jobs will be much less safe if Mr Rudd has his way and brings this in.” (source)

But even the Sydney Morning Herald can see through it:

According to the Government’s figures, however, about half of all middle-income households will be financially worse off under the scheme, even with the compensation package in place. (source)

All this scheme does is move money around for no purpose, with most Australians still worse off – let’s not forget, the ETS will do nothing whatsoever for the climate, whether locally or globally. So basically, this is a transfer of wealth from rich to poor with no discernible benefit for the climate, in other words: socialism by the back door.


  1. Slightly O/T, but certainly in the realm of “fantasy”:
    Catastrophe costs down in ’09
    “Insurers’ losses from natural disasters fell by more than half in 2009 thanks to fewer hurricanes” …and… “Winter storm Klaus was the costliest weather disaster in 2009”
    “Munich Re board member Torsten Jeworrek, who oversees the company’s global reinsurance business, voiced concern about the role of global warming in natural disasters.”

    So — natural disasters are down, winter storms are more severe, but global warming is still a big risk. Go figure!

  2. Black Duck says:

    The French are showing some sense. Pity about the 4.1billion euros the tax was supposed to generate. Sarkozy will have to come up with a new tax.

  3. The Drum on ABC is no more than an anti Liberal rant. The funniest person in the friends of the ABC is Catherine Deveney who seems about as witty as wet paint. She spews her hate at the likes of us here and decides we are all morons. Hardly the ramblings of sanity. Probably embarrassed she was sucked in to the AGW scam.

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