Monckton & Plimer vs. Readfearn & Brook

Carbon Sense

This will be a battle worth watching. Only wish I could be there:

The Brisbane Institute is holding a climate change debate with a panel consisting of Lord Christopher Monckton, Professor Ian Plimer, Graham Readfearn and Professor Barry Brook on January 29th at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane, 12 – 2pm. Please see the attached brochure for full details and booking information:


  1. Let’s hope we get it on You-Tube!

  2. I am helping to set up the event and will be looking to have a number of cameras there to record it and then get it up on to YouTube and any other websites that I can ASAP. I think we all need to hear what the “other side” is saying and especially now that all these news holes in the alarmists rantings are appearing.

  3. Dont worry Lord monckton will deliver the goods its fiction against truth and they just dont have any truth whatsoever .in fact they are the biggest fraudsers of the century as climate gate shows. its all over red rover for you scammers.

  4. British intellectual vs British thug… with a scientist on each side.

  5. Looking forward to the masses waking up… since their old ‘stand bys’, glacier melts, global heat, etc., are all failing the actual test of basic scrutiny… like, asking non-profiteering/controlling scientist who actually study facts in an open light.

  6. Thank goodness for Lord Monckton. I heard Lord Monckton debated other warmists in the past, he destroyed them all. Lord Monckton has been my global warming busting hero for awhile now.

  7. Redfearn just hasn’t been the same since his parents allowed Liberace to take him off to America.

  8. Be great if you could get it onto A-PAC on cable plus a pod cast down load. But the big question is how does one engage the media to inquire and question rather than act like plagiarists and reprint press releases.


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