Bird shredders to blight "one in six beauty spots" in UK

Bird shredders at work

Gotta love them wind turbines. The moonbat Labour government of Gordon “On the Way Out” Brown is planning to spend GBP 10 billion on wind farms in order to “tackle global warming,” despoiling the British countryside in the process:

One in six of the UK’s officially-designated beauty spots could soon be blighted by wind farms, an investigation has found.

Out of 89 sites given special protection due to the quality of their landscape, planning permission for turbines has been approved or sought at 14.

Affected areas range from Cornwall and the Isle of Wight to the Lake District, the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands. Campaigners claimed that the projects would spoil much-loved views and called for clearer rules on where wind farms can and cannot be built.

In England, out of 35 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), four are the subject of a planning application for turbines. In one case the development would be within the AONB boundaries, in the other three it would be just outside but close enough to have a dramatic impact on the view enjoyed by visitors.

Among Scotland’s 40 designated National Scenic Areas (NSAs), six have already had turbines approved, one inside its boundaries and five just outside. One more is the subject of a planning application for a development inside its boundaries.

Out of nine AONBs in Northern Ireland, three are the subject of planning applications to build turbines within their boundaries.

Another kind of “dark satanic mills” on England’s green and pleasant land.

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  1. What a wonderful legacy for the half-witted Ed Miliband (and good friend of Elmer Rudd). This is the loonie who proclaims that “the EU will increase its 2020 emission reduction target to a 30% cut below 1990 levels”…
    …on the same day that the EU ministers say “no we won’t”.

  2. I’m having trouble working out whether or not you are being sarcastic regarding wind farms. I live near a number of farms (Western Victoria). I never understood the very vocal NIMBY rejection of the aesthetic of having a wind turbine on the landscape. They don’t look ugly to me at all. On the other side of Melbourne there are open cut coal mines in Latrobe valley. Now that is indeed an ugly blight on the landscape.

    Just goes to show you can’t please everyone. If some magically clean and efficient and abundant and small infrastructure footprint energy source came along – someone would find some pretext to complain about it.

  3. Here we see the bird-shredder in operation…

    …because more useless (when you need them most) expensive and dangerous garbage littering the landscape is what the Brits need more of, …that and more foreign subversives.

  4. Nice blog….

  5. The assholes have already started to desecrate the idyllic Lake District!

    Had I applied, as a private power concern, to try to place them here 20 years ago, I would have been laughed out of the planning enquiry and transported to the nearest lunatic asylum!

  6. @Eloi: indeed so!
    @Andrew: Not being sarcastic. True, look OK next to open cast coal mines, but how many of those are there around? Wind farms will be everywhere in the UK…
    @Yonason: ouch, and dead right on your second point too…
    @Pete: tragic – spent some time in the Lakes, so know where you’re coming from.

  7. ~When is it that someone will stand up and say: ‘Wind turbines INCREASE CO2 emissions’..? (Not that I’m saying more CO2 is a bad thing, of course – because all of us on this side of the argument know that its good for plants).
    My point is – for the 75% of the time that onshore wind turbines don’t produce electricity (66% offshore – industry figures; not mine) – there has to be NEW fossil-fuelled generating capacity to provide the power..!
    Nuclear is fine for ‘base load’ – but for the balance allegedly coming from ‘renewables’ – it just isn’t, for the majority of the time..
    And don’t even get me started on buildability and reliability (especially offshore) – not to mention the massive costs involved, which could be used to lower our utility bills (perish the thought)…!


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