Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

From the opinion pages of The Australian, and referring to the newly christened “Icegate” story from yesterday, where the IPCC has been discovered taking “facts” about glaciers shrinking from the back of a matchbox (see here and here):

This “icegate” scandal is potentially far more damaging to climate change science than the recent discovery of embarrassing emails from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit. Those emails reveal a robust advocacy of global warming on the part of scientists but no evidence that this compromised their scientific work.

Strange that fiddling data (“hide the decline”), deleting correspondence in response to FOI requests and intimidating journals that dare publish alternative views doesn’t count as compromising their scientific work. Someone at The Australian should actually read those emails, perhaps?

Read it here.


  1. Neil Fisher says:

    Of course it doesn’t compromise their scientific work. It does, however, compromise the context in which this work is viewed – if no-one can rigorously attack you, you have won the scientific debate by default, so preventing such attacks means your view wins, even if your paper is crap (classic example: MBH9X). So the cry of “no compromise of the work”, while true, is highly misleading. This is one of the standard tactics of the alarmist brigade – it’s reframing the question without anyone noticing, and is a variation of that other common alarmist tactic: “you need to come up with a better explaination, rather than just nit-picking holes in our work”.

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