Greens may vote for ETS in Senate

Troeth and Boyce: you'd better not…

The Courier Mail is reporting that the Greens may soften their policy on the ETS to enable them to vote with the Government when it returns to the Senate in February:

Leader Bob Brown will be in Canberra this week will announce a new, softer environmental policy [kind of defeats the object of the Greens, really – Ed] – just 13 days before the Government’s twice-defeated Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is reintroduced into Parliament.

The Greens and the office for Climate Change Minister Penny Wong are expected to meet to discuss the offer in coming days.

The Courier-Mail understands Senator Brown and deputy leader Christine Milne will offer an interim proposal to get an emissions trading scheme off the ground, under a deal designed to catapult the Greens back into the political debate.

It is believed the Greens’ proposal will closely follow the Government’s legislation but would allow for stronger greenhouse gas targets as circumstances change.

The Greens argue the Government’s scheme is problematic because the legislation makes it too hard to toughen targets once it is operational.

Meanwhile, The Courier-Mail can reveal that outgoing Victorian Liberal senator Judith Troeth and Queensland Liberal senator Sue Boyce, who both crossed the floor to vote for the scheme last year, have not ruled out again siding with Labor.

The Government would need the five Greens plus two others to pass the legislation in the Senate.

If Troeth and Boyce cross the floor, enabling the ETS to pass with the Greens support, they should be expelled from the Liberal party immediately (and then banished to the dingiest, darkest corner of the planet).

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  1. Time to start writing to our respective members of parliament (again) and put bit more starch in their collective backbones….

    Greg Hunt needs a good talking to. He’s uttered some pathetically weak platitudes lately.

  2. I seem to remember a political party that compromised its ideals, so the government of the day could introduce the GST…… Australian Democrats wasn’t it ? Just a memory now….. The Greens might be a future memory ( I hope ). I’ve heard of wedge politics, but this looks like sandwich politics – and the Greens are the meat. (or tofu if you prefer)

  3. Black Duck says:

    What a day of fluctuating fortunes! First we hear that the republicans in the states have gained a filibuster in the senate totally condemning the Waxman-Ma(la)rkey bill to the rubbish bin of history. Great news. Now we hear that if the two rogue senators in Australia cross the floor we could finish up with the pixie-wong equivalent. Its time someone like Wilson (Ironbar) Tuckey had a word with them.

  4. @Keith: It would be wasting your breath “talking to” Greg Hunt — he is a true believer in all this Global Warming crap. Abbott know this – that’s why he put him in this portfolio, so that he can keep him under control and prevent him from “doing a Turnbull”. What’s the old saying? – keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  5. Shades of whats her name??……..Meg Lees… and the Democrats………re the GST Legislation.
    History certainly seems ready to repeat itself should the Greens go down this path.
    Could be a good thing (no more Green political party) or a bad thing (back to a consolidated 2 party political system).
    Duopolies without a meaningful and true distinction are the scourge of every society – and no more so than in politics- as the next step is monopoly!

    Abbott and co and the Greens need to wake up and stand up and NOT capitulate to any pressure or sweetheart deals to enable any ETS or CPRS in Australia!!!

    Remember, CO2 is not a pollutant. Carbon is one of the elements for organic chemistry-essentially you and me and our needs-and as such should not be taxed in any way shape or form by anyone or anything.


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