Climate sense from Piers Ackerman

Climate sense

Writing in the Daily Telegraph:

The Prime Minister is left with his September 2008 claim: “After a long period of inaction, we have drawn a line in the sand on climate change. We recognise it as the greatest economic, environmental and moral challenge of our time.”

The day after Rudd declared delay on action on global warming to be “irresponsible” and “reckless”, he told a press conference in Brisbane that Copenhagen was the “clear cut” destination point.

“The end point of that,” he said, “will decide whether or not as a world community we’re serious about the future of the planet.”

The world community, through the UN, has just sent him a message. It doesn’t think the future of the planet is in as serious a plight as he believes. It doesn’t think he is on the right page on global warming.

It has decided that Copenhagen and the hysterical approach to climate change promoted by Rudd and a few others bent on transferring the wealth of the Western nations to the developing world was an over-the-top solution to a problem that increasingly appears to have been based on phoney figures, manipulated data and dodgy science.

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  1. Neal Morris says:

    Great work Piers,this should cause a sleepless night for the “alarmists” You are an inspiration for all genuine and concerned Australians.
    PS Your comments are well received in Canada too. Regards Neal

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