The billion dollar hoax

Herald Sun

Andrew Bolt, writing in the Herald Sun, sums up the recent climate debacles:

ONCE global warming was the “great moral challenge of our generation”. Or so claimed the Prime Minister.

But suddenly it’s the great con that’s falling to bits around Kevin Rudd’s ears.

In fact, so fast is global warming theory collapsing that in his flurry of recent speeches to outline his policies for the new decade, Rudd has barely mentioned his “moral challenge” at all.

Take his long Australia Day reception speech on Sunday. Rudd talked of our ageing population and of building stuff, of taxes, hospitals and schools – but dared not say one word about the booga booga he used to claim could destroy our economy, Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef and 750,000 coastal homes.

What’s happened?

Answer: in just the past few months has come a cascade of evidence that the global warming scare is based on often dodgy science and even outright fraud.

Here are just the top 10 new signs that catastrophic man-made warming may be just another beat-up, like swine flu, SARS, and the Y2K bug.

  1. Climategate
  2. The Copenhagen Farce
  3. The Himalayan Scare
  4. Pachauri’s response
  5. Pachauri’s conflicts
  6. The green hand revealed
  7. More fake IPCC claims
  8. New research on our gases
  9. New Australian research
  10. The world still won’t warm

Read it all here.


  1. Aha, you reminded me that I forgot to wish you a Happy Australia Day. Okay so I’m late–I blame it on the Open where they confused me by actually playing matches. They used to take the day off.
    Anyway, Happy Happy.

  2. gary read says:

    you seem to know as much about climate as monckton…nothing. there has not been cooling. where is monckton getting his data from? nasa has just confirmed that this is the hottest decade in recorded history. if warming levels off temporarily due to factors like la nina, volcanic activity etc. that does not mean climate is in free fall. if you are going to criticise something please do your research. moncton is not a scientist ,let alone a climate scientist. if data collection and peer review is not reliable where is monckton getting his info from? this is the man who claims the northern polar caps almost disappeared during medieval times and that there was an ‘explosion ‘ of land plants during the cambrian period [ when there was no life on land ] this man is not stupid, but a charlatan. please wake up

    • @Gary Read: Skimming over the ad hominems, the Arctic had less ice in the 1940s than today. NASA surface temperature data is unreliable because it is adjusted manually, and is supervised by a man who is a well-known alarmist – I don’t trust it and neither should anyone else. The satellite record, on the other hand, shows no warming since 2001. Just because temperatures rise a fraction of a degree at the same time as CO2 emissions increase does not indicate causation. I don’t claim the climate is in free fall, and acknowledge that the climate is warming (since the last Ice Age in fact). Whilst additional CO2 does cause some small warming, the models have exaggerated this out of all proportion by fiddling with climate feedbacks of which the current science has little understanding. If you are going to start talking about qualifications, Monckton is a mathematician (and I am an engineer), which puts his understanding of scientific principles (and mine) far beyond Al Gore, Barack Obama, Kevin Rudd, Penny Wong, 99.9% of journalists and politicians and any of the other celebrity-warmists you care to mention. More importantly, he doesn’t believe everything he sees on the ABC/BBC or reads in the Fairfax press – he thinks for himself. I can’t comment on the Cambrian point, and in any case it’s irrelevant.

  3. Neil Fisher says:

    Interesting to note that Rudd (used to) says that climate is “the greatest moral challange of our time”, yet when the subject of female virginity arises, it’s suddenly “not his job” to preach morals to us. Hmmm…


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