How not to answer questions Part 94 – Penny Wong

Tony Jones puts Wong through the mincer, and Wong is all at sea, dodging, weaving, avoiding, fudging, obfuscating, spinning, and above all, never, repeat never, answering the question asked – everything the Ruddites do so well to hoodwink the poor unsuspecting public. One of those occasions where it is both horrific and compulsive viewing. As that famous quote from the brilliant UK political satire The Thick of It puts it, when Jeremy Paxman mauls the junior minister for social affairs, Ben Swain:

“It’s like watching a lion rape a sheep … but in a bad way.”

Not pleasant viewing…

Good on ya, Tony. We’ll make a sceptic of you yet!

Catch it here if you can stand it (h/t Andrew Bolt)


  1. “Good on ya, Tony. We’ll make a sceptic of you yet!”

    Give me a break – fat chance of that ever happening on the ABC.
    You have to read right to the bottom to realise what Tony “Alarmist” Jones is really on about:

    “TONY JONES: If that is the issue, let me ask you this: is it now standard practice to pass confidential departmental briefing documents to the press, or to sections of the press, I should say, as part of a media strategy to undermine the Opposition’s position?”

    Get it? “Sections of the press”? He’s pissed because k.d. wong didn’t leak it to him!
    Now that he’s put Wong in her place, the two of them can resume normal programming on the next “interview”.

  2. Peter Stroud says:

    She is even worse than our climate change secretary, Ed Miliband!

  3. Very sad. Penny just can not admit that she is Wong.

  4. @Peter
    I don’t know that I’m prepared to pay that one. Your nutter has declared “war” on all climate change sceptics. Our nutter has only declared war on the Opposition – so far. She leaves it to her boss to criticise and insult the voters who don’t agree with him:
    Now – if you were to mount the case that our PM is worse than your PM, you might get a discussion.

  5. Paul M Who says:

    After watching Tony Jones interview Penny Wong I have come to the conclusion that she is suffering from a medical condition known as Aphasia, which is a communication disorder – a problem Penny has in spades.

    Its symptoms include:

    Continual repetition – she kept parroting the same thing over and over again

    Inability to spell correctly – she continually leaves the letter “r” out of her name – W(r)ong by name WRONG by nature

    Inability to comprehend – she obviously didn’t understand Tony’s line of questioning

    Difficulty with fluency – she was totally unable to make one coherent statement

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