MUST SEE: BBC Newsnight: Climate change scepticism hotting up in Australia

BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, has an extended section on the changing political climate in Australia:

H/t: Tom S


  1. Did you know The BBC pensions are heavily invested in carbon trading companies ?

    Dr Richard A E North (author of Scared to Death) has in The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph exposed how many billions are invested in the hope of trillions in this global warming scam.
    SUNDAY TIMES….(using Richard A E North’s research)

    FOURTH huge mistake in IPCC report upon which Copenhagen and climate change policy is made. AFRICAGATE

    Fuller details here
    Following an investigation by this blog (and with the story also told in The Sunday Times), another major “mistake” in the IPCC’s benchmark Fourth Assessment Report has emerged.
    Similar in effect to the erroneous “2035” claim – the year the IPCC claimed that Himalayan glaciers were going to melt – in this instance we find that the IPCC has wrongly claimed that in some African countries, yields from rain-fed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50 percent by 2020.
    At best, this is a wild exaggeration, unsupported by any scientific research, referenced only to a report produced by a Canadian advocacy group, written by an obscure Moroccan academic who specialises in carbon trading, citing references which do not support his claims.
    Unlike the glacier claim, which was confined to a section of the technical Working Group II report, this “50 percent by 2020” claim forms part of the key Synthesis Report, the production of which was the personal responsibility of the chair of the IPCC, Dr R K Pachauri. It has been repeated by him in many public fora. He, therefore, bears a personal responsibility for the error.

    SUNDAY Telegraph

    Climate makes money move in mysterious ways
    The British Government has been pouring millions of pounds into ‘climate-related’ projects all over the world,
    Dr Richard A E North writes:
    “In all the coverage lately given to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its embattled chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, one rather important part of the story has largely been missed, writes Christopher Booker in his column.

    This is the way in which, in its obsession with climate change, different branches of the UK Government have in recent years been pouring hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into a bewildering array of “climate-related” projects, often throwing a veil of mystery over how much is being paid, to whom and why.
    My “favourite”, if that is the right word, is money spent by DFID on a “workshop on women as ‘sacred custodians’ of the Earth”, to “explore the spiritual, religious and philosophical views concerning women and ecology and the policy implications of these belief systems”.
    Read the rest and weep”.

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