Monckton v Lambert

Christopher Monckton will debate Tim Lambert in Sydney on 12 February. We all know Monckton of course. Tim Lambert is responsible for the insufferably smug warm-blog “Deltoid.” Details:

Friday 12 February 2010 – 12:30pm

The Moderator and MC will be
Australia’s leading Broadcaster, 2GB’s
Alan Jones AO

Please register by providing name, address, phone & email details.
Email to:
or FAX: (02) 4861 2029
Special enquiries ring 0419 703 465…

Deltoid has posted about it (obviously), and one of the comments sums it up rather well:

This will be a turkey shoot. I almost feel sorry for you Tim. (No, not really).

Still, you can always come back here, lick your wounds, and explain how you would have won if only it was a fair contest. You know, if you hadn’t taken a knife to a gunfight!



  1. I agree with that comment. What a hoot, LOL.

  2. Bring it on Australia!! It’s such a treat to live in the Internet Age whereby we can all partake of the greatest debunking of junk science since Piltdown Man. We’ve had a great deal of pleasure over at watching our skeptic brothers and sisters in Australia being royally entertained by Lord Christopher Monckton’s skewering of every climate alarmist who dares front him.

  3. Jose Veragio says:

    Having expected little more than a slag fest, I think you have to hand it to Lambert (despite his performance) for having the gumption to go head-to-head with Monckton in a real live debate, & with a potentially hostile audience,

    He seems to have prepared well, but then relied on a stunt to steal the show and of course he was outperformed.

    But he had a fair go and he gave Monckton a fair go, what very view warmists have been prepared to, in this land of the fair go.

    Of course it will also give him endless material for his shamelessly, irreverent & insufferably hysterical blog, but it has shown there’s at least a little more to him than that.

  4. Sabretruthtiger says:

    It’s surprisingly hard to find a video of this showdown, does anyone know where it can be viewed? The Sydney morning herald embedded video is suspiciously not working.


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