Someone please explain: why does Peter Garrett still have a job…?

Zero integrity

… when four are dead as a result of his bungled home insulation scheme? I am posting about this because it is basically a climate issue – encouraging householders to install insulation in order to reduce electricity and heating/cooling, and therefore reduce energy consumption and ultimately CO2 emissions.

I guess the answer is this – the Left don’t have the common decency to admit to their own failings and take the honourable course, resignation. Can you even begin to imagine the uproar in the media if this had been a minister in a Coalition government? The ABC and the left-wing press would have been a field day (although they probably wouldn’t have had the chance, since a Coalition minister would have the good sense and decency to fall on his own sword).

The only thing that matters to Rudd, Garrett and their cronies is staying in power at all costs.


  1. Its pathetic and appalling. If he was the CEO of a Company the labor party would have hauled him through the courts as an example of wrongdoing. Guess there is 2 sets of rules.

  2. It’s worse than pathetic, as Twawki said, if this had been a company CEO, he or she would have been Jail by now!

    At best this scheme was a way of redistributing wealth! First… tax the real workers in Australia and give it to all those idiots that just wouldn’t spend their own money on insulation in the first place… second… distribute the wealth to any and all entrepreneurs that own a ladder, a trailer or a ute, with no due diligence that they actually know what they are doing!

    There have been that many shonkies out there, it makes you wonder how many follow up house break-ins there has been after an installation (having already cased the joint)? I wonder if some bright journo might endeavour to find out!


  1. […] Labor Party does not believe in any sense of accountability and she will remain ’safe’. Why does Peter Garrett still have a job? Appallingly however if you ran a business like they run government you would be behind bars […]

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