Phil Jones to face UK Parliamentary enquiry today

Tricky questions ahead

AP (via the SMH) reports that Phil Jones and the Met Office head are due to testify at a UK Parliamentary enquiry:

The scientist at the center of the controversy over e-mails stolen from a British climate research center is due to be questioned by lawmakers.

Climatologist Phil Jones is among the experts due to testify before Parliament’s Science and Technology committee.

Jones figured prominently in more than 1,000 e-mails hacked [leaked – Ed] from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit last year.

The e-mails appeared to show [did show – Ed] Jones and colleagues denigrating skeptics of man-made global warming and discussing ways to dodge Freedom of Information requests.

Critics said the e-mails were evidence of a conspiracy to exaggerate the threat of climate change.

Also testifying Monday are other top researchers, including the British weather office’s chief scientist. (source)


  1. Right – that would be the committee chaired by Phil Willis ?
    The MP who throws around terms like “climate change deniers”.?
    Sounds like Phil Jones will be among friends.
    Whitewash, anyone?

  2. Is is worth asking the question why this article is listed in the SMH under Breaking News/Technology and not World/Environment/Climate Change?

  3. Pity we can’t get a live stream for the session of questioning. Then again the amount of expected connections would most certainly bring the server down.

    Will a transcript be available to the public?

    • @Lupine: should be a transcript eventually I think on Hansard? See my latest post on Jones’ performance thereat.


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