VIDEO: Phil Jones at the UK Parliamentary Select Committee

Video of Prof. Phil Jones’ entire appearance at the UK Science and Technology Select Committee on 1 March 2010 (courtesy of live stream from Parliament TV, but converted and uploaded to YouTube by ACM). There are five parts, each of about 9 or 10 minutes. Jones is accompanied by the Vice Chancellor of the University of East Anglia, Prof. Edward Acton. Part 1 is here, links to the others follow:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

They don’t exactly give PJ a tough ride, do they? To quote the former UK Labour Chancellor Denis Healey, it was like being savaged by a dead sheep…

Thanks to reader Pete for the original Parliament link (here) which is highly Mac unfriendly, the rats.


  1. Rick Bradford says:

    Anybody who wants to, can find holes a mile wide in Jones’ stance as portrayed in the hearings — not so much in what he said, but in what he didn’t say (because he wasn’t asked).

    The guy looks licked to a splinter — I’m sure that in his worst nightmares he never dreamed of being jerked out of his comfortable office and hauled off to London to be grilled (well, warmed over) by a bunch of lawmakers.

    Fundamentally not a bad man, but a weak one, who was fatally seduced by the fame that he acquired.

  2. Paracelsus says:

    As to Jones’ assertion that Canada will not allow the distribution of historic weather data for Canada, he should check out the Environment Canada website: , where such data is freely available online from the year 1840 to the present.

  3. Merry James says:

    Keep up the good work on your blog! We are relying on people like you to keep the bastards honest!

  4. Andrew McRae says:

    At this point in Phil Jones’ reply, if I understand him correctly, he is saying the code that was stolen (ie ClimateGate which had bugs in it was not related to the production of the CRUTEMP3 global gridded temperature history, but was a different temperature and precipitation set.

    Well there’s a lot of different Fortran source code in the leaked zip file, but the infamous HARRY_README.txt mentions the commandline “crua6[/cru/cruts/version_3_0/primaries/precip] ./mergegrids” and lots of references to precipitation values.
    While that doesn’t necessarily exonerate the CRUTEMP3 version of history, it does seem to indicate that much of the dodgy manipulation that is seen in the ClimateGate leak is not about the HADCRUT3 set used by the IPCC. In any event, CRUTEMP3 is a land-only weather station set, and covers an area that is small compared to the Hadley ocean data set or the modern satellite SST record.

    As an AGW skeptic I have to ask the question, was the “hide the decline” hysteria really worth it? Seems not.


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