Idiotic Comment of the Day: James Hansen

Hansen (L), Homer (R)

James Hansen, Homer Simpson lookalike, is in Melbourne – lucky old Melbourne – spouting his usual mix of hysteria and lunacy. The Age fawns and grovels at his feet – not surprising since acres of Age copy is thanks to Hansen and his ilk. A few quotes deserve mention. On the plus side, he acknowledges that nuclear power has to play a part in Australia’s energy mix:

Renewable sources cannot be relied on solely, he believes, and ”it becomes a choice between coal and nuclear for baseload power”.

He would welcome Australia making a commitment to move to 100 per cent renewable energy – but said it would be a mistake. ”I think the chances of that working and being at a price that the public would be willing to pay is not very good,” he said.

But then it goes downhill:

”I don’t intend to be telling Australia what they should do for their energy source except that they can’t continue to burn coal without screwing everybody – including my grandchildren.

Charming. And my favourite:

”And exporting coal, and increasing exports of coal, is almost equivalent to being a drug dealer to the world.”

No hyperbole there, clearly.

Read it here.


  1. Simon
    I agree that he looks like Homer Simpson, but on the University’s web site, he looks like he is in a prison!

    Could it be a prophetic shot?

  2. An Elegant Chaos says:

    Couldn’t resist….

  3. Is he still on the payroll at NASA or just taking a holiday? Once again, he is not doing science but simply spouting his ever Green garbage. Have any of the Australian press reported his former boss’s comments about him or that his colleagues at NASA squirm with embarrassment every time he opens his political mouth?

    Has he moved down south to get away from the sceptics threatening his, Mann’s and Gavin’s lives? (Not seen one shred of evidence from them on that topic yet!)

    Hansen is more of a danger to our way of life than Gore! Still, you antipodeans are just a bunch of coal dealers selling the stuff to China! Makes one wish the penal colonies were still around!

  4. Why no mention of Viscount Monckton being a dead ringer for Marty Feldman?
    Only difference is that Monckton is possibly funnier.
    Oh of course Monckton would never use hyperbole- yeah right.

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