McGauran: CSIRO is "political puppet"

Gloves off

Following on from our story yesterday, Liberal Senator Julian McGauran takes CSIRO to task for parrotting the government’s climate change agenda:

Senator McGauran says the organisation has been stripped of its independence and is doing the bidding of the Minister for Science, Kim Carr.

“Minister Carr without doubt has wandered through the CSIRO offices, intimidating the scientists and the executive to do as they’re told,” he said.

“This is now a political organisation. The executive have become compliant to the minister, utterly.” (source)

The rest of the ABC article is just the typical mish-mash of pro-Labor spin, and vacuous ad hominems from Carr. Actually, CSIRO probably don’t need any intimidation from Carr – they’re all fully paid up alarmists anyhoo.


  1. Beware the “Science State”

  2. Speaking of political organisations, have you seen the board of ClimateWorks? Not surprisingly they just completed a report critical of the opposition’s climate policy. Funny how Fairfax and the ABC forgot to mention the political links (see for more)

  3. You have of course missed the point entirely. What the Senator is saying is that many of Australia’s top scientists have abandoned their principles to issue an important scientific statement which they know to be false.

    Apart from being absurd, this is of course, grossly insulting to all the scientists concerned.

    It does show, without any doubt whatever, that Senator McGauran is not a very bright spark, or alternatively, that he’s a man with very, very few principles. Take your pick. What is such a creature doing in our parliament?

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