Another museum falls prey to climate dogma

Another one bites the dust

Indoctrination Alert as another climate change disciple takes on a senior role at a museum. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

A LEADING Australian businesswoman with a keen interest in climate change and sustainability will be the new president of the Australian Museum Trust.

Samantha Mostyn, the second woman to hold the position, said she was incredibly proud to take the helm of the governing body of the natural history museum. ”The museum is one of the most cherished institutions in Sydney, if not the country,” she said.

Ms Mostyn is the director of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions at the University of Sydney. A lawyer, she has a long history in the business sector and was once a political adviser to the former prime minister Paul Keating. She is also an adviser on the board of ClimateWorks, a partnership between Monash University and the Myer Foundation.

The Herald reported on a study by ClimateWorks yesterday that suggested the federal opposition climate policy would reduce carbon emissions by only half the amount it had claimed. [And ABC NewsWatch pointed out that ClimateWorks is just a cheap shill for Labor, see here – Ed]

Ms Mostyn said while the museum did not have a background in climate science it did have an extensive natural history collection that illustrated Australia’s unique biodiversity.

”It shows what we stand to lose if we don’t think carefully about the impact of the change in climate,” she said. ”I would like the museum to continue to play a role in helping [the public] understand some of the big science and nature debates that we are currently dealing with.’‘ (source)

Soon there won’t be a museum left in Australia that won’t brainwash its visitors about climate change…


  1. Even more amusing is ClimateWorks “Science Summary” which I quote below in FULL:

    “The science is stark: as carbon emissions continue to rise, so do average global temperatures— and this is happening at a pace much faster than projected. Ice melt and sea-level rise are accelerating beyond modelled predictions. Tipping points once thought to be a century away may occur within our lifetimes.To prevent warming of more than 2°C—considered a dangerous threshold by scientists—atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases cannot exceed 450 parts per million (ppm). This will require cutting annual emissions by at least 30 billion tons (30 gigatons) by 2030, or roughly what the world emits today. The task is as ambitious as it is essential; but continuing with ‘business as usual’ is likely to lead to catastrophic and irreversible consequences. Given the unacceptable risks of inaction, our most urgent objective is to identify realistic opportunities to reduce emissions and then seize those opportunities.”

  2. Considering even Phil Jones CRU says there has been no warming for 15 years these statements are outright lies. I’d say our most urgent objective is to get the frauds out of government and prosecute Megan Clark CSIRO and Penny Sackett Chief Scientist for deliberately misleading parliament (yes, I know they aren’t really misled but they’re not scientists so we’ll never prove it)


  1. […] Global warming as a phenomenon belongs in a museum, but as an exhibit, not an agenda. […]

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