NSW electricity bills to rise 60% in 3 years

Shocking price rises

And well over a third of that increase will be thanks to the government’s pointless ETS (if it ever gets through):

NSW residents will be slapped with a 60 per cent electricity price hike over three years, to be announced today, more than a third of which will be to pay for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s emissions trading scheme.

The power price rise will add at least $100 to the average annual bill for households in Sydney. [If you live in a box with a single 60w lightbulb perhaps, but for average homes, a 60% increase is going to be way more than this – it’s so wrong I wonder if this is a typo? – Ed]

Country residents will be hit even harder, with the annual power bill for homes expected to increase by $170-$200 a year. [Again, this seems ridiculously small – Ed]

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal will release its final determination into NSW power pricing this morning.

It has told the State Government that to pay for the anticipated climate change policy of the Federal Government, charges need to be increased in NSW by significantly more than they otherwise would have been.

And in a surprise move by the independent regulator, the price rises are due to come into effect as early as July 1 this year.

The report, details of which have been provided to The Daily Telegraph, states that a third of the increase was directly attributable to CPRS.

“It is to pay for the fact that the country is so heavily reliant on coal,” a source in the energy industry said.

Yet again, we find the effect of the Rudd ETS is completely at variance with the spin and misrepresentations coming from the government.

Read it here.


  1. Don’t worry so much. This is the best marketing tool for sceptical science that ever existed. When money starts flowing from people’s wallets on a sustained and regular basis (as opposted to chaging a few light bulbs) it results in very close scrutiny. Pollsters have found that support for the AGW climate consensus drops by half when people start taking a really good look. Imagine what that drop will look like when they are angry when they start their search.

  2. Brian Moran says:

    Check out the voting on ninemsm regarding this issue. At the moment the number in favour of paying more is 7491, number against is 134556.
    I have never seen a more galvanising issue to make people wake up.

  3. The reason both the ALP and Libs have been desperate to privatise our electricity assets in NSW is so that the whinging privateers in other states can raise the power prices and fleece consumers.
    Under the guise of ‘global warming’ and maintain the grid (publicly owned co’s can’t because the govt keeps fleecing them) they are actually preparing to once again sell out the people they are meant to represent for the benefit of private owners of electricity companies – businesses they never built.
    With a 60% artificial hike the privateers can justify hikes as well
    There is no way the govt is going to maintain the grid with that money – they never have before despite gouging into our electricity co’s profits ever more deeply over the decades.


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