Stealth indoctrination in the classroom

Stealth indoctrination

The first of a possible series of posts. My son brings home readers from Junior School. This isn’t science or geography or any other specific subject area, just readers. But many of them have little drips (and not so little drips) of stealth indoctrination on climate change. This particular title reads like a propaganda pamphlet for the WWF. Unsubstantiated claims and alarmism are fed to nine-year-olds as fact, which, as all good nine-year-olds do, they soak up and believe unquestioningly. Here’s a few choice quotes from the best page:

Page 21

And my favourite is this:

There is a growing worldwide awareness that animals, plants and the planet are important. (page 23)

Note that neither “humanity” nor “people” feature in that list, which is the mentality of the extreme green – save the whale, f*ck the people. Now for the name and shame, so you can add the appropriate caveats to your son or daughter:

  • Published by Blake Education ( in 2003
  • “On the Edge of Extinction”
  • Series entitled “Brainwaves” [Should be “Brainwashing” – Ed]
  • Authors Claire Craig, Sharon Dalgleish, Ian Rohr

More to come, without doubt.


  1. Polar bears, if they hibernate, do it in winter. They do not “sleep through the summer”!

  2. This type of thing REALLY irks me. I have given my 13 year old, who has just started High School, strict instructions that if there are ANY attempts made by teachers to speak about dangerous AGW in his classes at school he is to report directly to me. I WILL be making a fuss, and a hell of a one at that, if there is any attempt at indoctination of my child.

  3. “animals, plants …are important”
    I agree – very important. I eat both of them. Without them, I’d probably have to eat tofu. Ugh!

  4. This is where skeptics are losing the battle when this kind of rubbish is peddled to our kids – every parent should complain about it! The same problems are occurring overseas and are difficult to combat while the majority of teachers are left – oriented see

  5. “There is a growing worldwide awareness that animals, plants and the planet are important.”

    It’s a little disturbing Simon, to think that there are actually people who find this statement offensive. Time to have a hard look at yourself, perhaps?

    • @Dave: You misrepresent what I said. I didn’t say that I found the statement offensive, merely that it failed to acknowledge that humanity is part of the environment.


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