Backflip backfires

Rudd's gymnastics coach demonstrates the back flip

Kevin Rudd (he who has no political convictions whatsoever) thought that by dumping the ETS he would avoid having to be beaten repeatedly round the ears in the run up to an election by an Opposition wielding a stick bearing the words “Great big new tax”. Unfortunately, his political cowardice in not forcing a double dissolution on climate change, which is what he should have done if he truly believed it to be the greatest moral challenge of our time, is backfiring, as the public realise that he is a spineless and gutless prime minister. As The Australian reports:

THE Labor government has lost its position as the leader on climate change for the first time, following Kevin Rudd’s decision to dump plans for an emissions trading scheme.

Having always led the Coalition, at times by a margin of more than two to one on the question of which party would be best able to handle the issue of climate change, the Labor government is now equal to the Coalition opposition and, essentially, the Greens.

The Prime Minister’s sudden decision to push off any attempt to get the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme through this parliament and possibly not until after the election after next has led to a dramatic slump in support for Labor on climate change.

Under pressure from Tony Abbott’s political campaign against the ETS as a “great big tax” and faced with Coalition and Greens opposition in the Senate, Mr Rudd declared last week that the timetable for implementation of any CPRS would be “extended” until 2013 at least.

Read it here.

UPDATE: Of course, the warmist media is trying to spin this story as demonstrating that the Australian people really, really wanted a huge tax on everything for no environmental benefit whatsoever, and they are deserting Rudd because he isn’t giving them one… Believe that at your peril.


  1. Hi Simon,

    I think that Krudd doing a backflip on the ETS will result in less political damage for the ALP than if he had tried to intorduce the ETS for another senate vote and certain rejection.

    However the issue is now even more clouded with that narcissistic traitor and Goldman-Sachs pawn, Turnbull deciding to stay. This means that a vote for the Liberal party may actually be a vote for the ETS at some stage in the future.

    Just when Abbott is starting to surge ahead. He needs to get rid of Turnbull once and for all.

    What do you think?

  2. Sock Puppet says:

    It’s a pity that many of Rudd’s supporters will see this tax on the mining industry as the moral equivalent of the shelved ETS.

  3. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Perhaps Rudd dumped his ETS after being forewarned of the following article entitled ‘The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud’:

    Considering Rudd’s ETS was the centre-piece of his economic reforms for Australia, it is doubtful that a bigger back flip has ever happened in Australian politics than the dumping of the ETS.

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