Idiotic Comment of the Day: Penny Wong

Close those minds

Tony Abbott dares to suggest that school students should be open-minded and sceptical in their thinking on climate change and earns this rebuke from Penny Wong:

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said it was “irresponsible and disappointing” for the Liberal leader to encourage climate-change scepticism in the classroom. (source)

Because in your mind Penny, unless you are a true believer and switch off any critical thought you’re a heretic that should be burned at the stake, right? Let’s bring up a generation of children who can’t think for themselves and believe whatever the government tells them.

And I notice that Wong doesn’t complain about the alarmist climate indoctrination many students receive from their teachers every day? Strangely silent on that one.

P.S. Notice how The Australian spins the headline (“Abbott evokes Jesus…”) to make Abbott out to be some religious fruitcake as well, when in fact he was simply referring to the Roman warm period…


  1. Lachlan says:

    Good one Penny. Just GOTTA “keep the faith” eh? So, you are advocating that our kids be closed minded and gullible? You and your flock of “true believers” are becoming increasingly irrelevant and desperate.

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