UK: Cameron agrees to "low-carbon economy" for Lib Dem deal

Cameron and Clegg

Cameron and Clegg

The UK Conservatives are still stuck in the past on climate change, and desperate as they are to form a government, they are abandoning yet more of their principles by giving in to a Liberal Democrat demand for a “low-carbon economy” as part of any deal with the Conservatives. James Delingpole sums it up under the headline “Cameron’s first stupid mistake”:

I hate to tell you this but committing Britain to a low-carbon economy is not like committing yourself to keeping all phone boxes painted red or promising Britain will never join a currency it was never going to join in a million years anyway.

A low carbon economy is virtually the same thing as NO economy.

It means:

1. Committing your country – at the enormous expense of at least £18 billion a year – to combatting an entirely imaginary problem called CO2, which is plant food, and which makes no serious contribution to [Anthropogenic] Global Warming.

2. Losing 2.2 real jobs for every “Green job” you subsidise with taxpayers’ money.

3. Crippling industry with higher fuel costs and greater tax and regulation at the very moment in the economic cycle when what it needs is cheap, reliable energy, a slashing of red tape and lower taxation.

4. Squandering still more money on “alternative energy” sources, all of which are enormously expensive, none of which work.

If Cameron tries to push this sort of legislation through, our only hope is that he will be torn apart by the Furies within his party, many of whom are as AGW-sceptical as they are Euro-sceptical.

We can count ourselves lucky that at least here in Australia we have one party that is as sceptical as it’s possible to be in the current politically correct climate change environment.

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  1. It’s like the emperors new clothes, until the economy is absolutely ruined, green taxes, domestic fuel bills and petrol costs are unaffordable, wind turbines are cluttering all our beautiful green spaces and sea scapes, and they realise that ‘green jobs’ are totally none profit making and unproductive, they will never listen. In a few years we will all be sat in the dark, as power cuts will be common, biofuel production will literally ensure that many in the third world will starve to death and the elite’s will be getting rich from selling and buying CO2 (fresh air, or plant food) to you and me! God help our children and grandchildren!!!

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