SMH: Temperatures to rise "12 degrees by 2300"

Throw some more snags on the barbie, mate

Another day, another desperate plea from the warmist camp. Why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to the alarmism of the Sydney Morning Herald? Every day, its readers are barraged with acres of doom and gloom from some hysterical climate research, its authors desperate to get a headline and keep the funding going – and the Moonbat duly obliges. The headline screams “Too hot to live: grim long-term prediction“:

HALF the Earth could become too hot for human habitation in less than 300 years, Australian scientists warn.

New research by the University of NSW has forecast the effect of climate change over the next three centuries, a longer time scale than that considered in many similar studies.

The research suggests that without action to cut greenhouse gas emissions [of course – Ed], average temperatures could rise as much as 10 to 12 per cent by 2300. [Let’s skate over the idiocy of measuring temperature rises in percentages, which only an ignorant non-scientific writer would ever do – Ed]

”Much of the climate change debate has been about whether the world will succeed in keeping global warming to the relatively safe level of only 2 degrees Celsius by 2100,” said Professor Tony McMichael, from the Australian National University, in an accompanying paper published in the journal.

But climate change will not stop in 2100 [Duh – Ed] and, under realistic scenarios out to 2300, we may be faced with temperature increases of 12 degrees or even more.

Professor McMichael said that if this were to happen, then current worries about sea level rises, occasional heatwaves and bushfires, biodiversity loss and agricultural difficulties would ”pale into insignificance” compared to the global impacts.

Not content with this, the article goes yet further:

There was also a real possibility that much of the existing climate modelling had underestimated the rate of global temperature rise, they said.

Dr [Keith] Dear [also of ANU] said scientific authorities on the issue, such as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), had struck a cautious tone in forecasting future temperature rise and its impact.

Please stop, my sides are about to split… Ridicule is the only response that this kind of rubbish deserves. Every single word of this is based on flaky and inadequate computer models, which are hopelessly incomplete, and which are skewed to exaggerate the effect of CO2 and suppress the effects of everything else. They must think we were born yesterday…

Read it here.

P.S. As the warmists are all over sceptics’ qualifications like a rash, I think it only fair just to point out that both authors are not climate scientists, but specialise in epidemiology and population health. Just sayin’. (see here)


  1. cbullitt says:

    Don’t these nincompoops see they look ever more comedic with each new catastrophic claim of Thermageddon–especially when they claim these new horrors are all contained in the IPCC AR4.
    Uh, if they were, wouldn’t Captain Carbon Al Gore have trumpeted them three years ago?

  2. Might have underestimated? These guys might like to put their toys ie models, away for a while, and actually poke their heads out the window, ie look at recent observations, to see how the “underestimating” models have fared.

    Obsession with models and predictions are sending these guys into fairyland.

  3. The Old Garbage In Garbage Out rule applies – just in this case you have GIGO x GIGO and things get really silly. You cannot extrapolate from models with further modeling – the S/N ratio will drop through the floor and all you end up measuring is the inherent inaccuracy of such modeling. This is a bit like hearing voices saying ‘your all going to DIE’ in radio static..

  4. Maurice says:

    Sometime ago I made a comment that we were living in an era of stupidity on this website. Every day the evidence continues to pile on high. I look all around me in Australia and all around the world and cannot believe what I read and see. Having lived for 70 years on this planet and spent much of that time as a working scientist, not as an academic scientist, I am astounded at the gullibility of the world’s populace and most of all at the culpability of people in my chosen profession!!
    If you consider that I am over reacting in stating how stupid governments and our leaders are ( – ask the question.’ how come in a period of relative peace could the world and many sovereign states possibly get themselves into such a financial meltdown’?
    My mind continues to boggle!!

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