Will Alexander: RIP climate change

South African UN scientist Will Alexander writes the death notice for “global warming” hysteria in his final memo:


may it


1. Provably false assumption that human activities can influence global climate for which there is no scientifically believable evidence.

2. Provably false assumption that the increases in global temperatures are the cause of climatic changes. Multiyear variations in global climate are driven by variations in the receipt and poleward redistribution of solar energy via the atmospheric and oceanic processes, not temperature variations. This is high school physics.

3. Complete lack of numeracy skills and logical deductions by the climate change adherents.

4. Deliberate manipulation of climate change science to suit political objectives.

In memoriam

Read it here (PDF) h/t Climate Realists


  1. I think he must mean Climate Change Alarmism, not Climate Change.. that has been, and always will be, with us.

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