Mammoth farts kept planet warm

"He who smelt it, dealt it."

And by the way, “mammoth farts” means farts from mammoths, and not just enormous farts from anyone else, like bad-mannered neanderthals. From the You Couldn’t Make It Up Department:

SCIENTISTS believe gassy mammoths helped to fill the atmosphere with methane and keep the Earth warm more than 13 thousand years ago.

Experts estimate that, together with other large plant-eating mammals that are now extinct, they released about 9.6 million tonnes of the gas each year.

When the megafauna disappeared there was a dramatic fall in atmospheric methane which may have altered the climate, British scientists say.

Analysis of gases trapped in ice cores suggests that the loss of animal emissions accounted for a large amount of the decline.

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  1. 9.6 million tons is like spitting in the ocean. Is this satire?? It’s hard to believe any sane person could come up with this, outside of a kid being funny.

    It’s like adding 8 billion GT of CO2 to a estimated resident CO2 of 40,000 GT….another drop in the ocean.

  2. Interglacial John says:

    It appears that AR4 is a mammoth fart in its own right! The stench is undeniable.

  3. Paul Thomas says:

    Global Warming= He who smelt it, dealt it!

    the Great Crepitation Contest of 1948

  4. MostlyHarmless says:

    gofer’s wrong of course, it’s like farting in the bath. Thank heaven methane’s lighter than air, or I’d have died a thousand deaths in the tub. I wonder why mammoths had such thick coats? Perhaps they were sensitive to small changes in temperature, as we’re intended to believe the earth’s climate is.

    I shouldn’t have to wait long it seems, to make my fortune. Seawater is becoming so corrosively acid that I’ll set up a battery manufacturing company to use all that free acid, to power all the low-carbon (I HATE that word – it’s carbon dioxide – struth!) four-wheel electric people-exterminators that’ll make our dull lives mean something.

    BTW I claim copyright on “You Couldn’t Make It Up Department” – I have deleted emails and a vintage hockey-stick to prove it :

    SpoofGate: Climate Scientists Put Poor Spoof Writers Out of Work


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