"Global warming" makes Everest harder to climb

So hard even a 13-year-old can do it

Note how, that without a pause for breath, the media return to the term “global warming” when it suits? Even though global warming virtually stopped in 2001? But they need to make the link between “warming” and melting ice for this story:

Mount Everest is becoming increasingly dangerous to climb because global warming is melting glacier ice along its slopes, according to a Nepalese Sherpa who has conquered the world’s highest summit 20 times.

Rising temperatures have melted much of the ice on the steep trail to the summit and climbers are struggling to get traction on the exposed rock surface, according to the 49-year-old Sherpa, known only as Apa.

The melting ice has also exposed deep crevasses which climbers could fall into, and experts have warned that people scaling the mountain risk being swept away by “outburst floods” from rising volumes of glacial meltwater.

Could this possibly be the same Apa who, just four days ago, dedicated his climb with 13 year old American Jordan Romero to the impact of climate change on the Himalayas, a fact not even mentioned in the Telegraph report? Obviously an impartial assessment, then. Add it to the warmlist.

Read it here.


  1. Russell says:

    There is another top class scientific study to be cited in the next IPCC report.

  2. MostlyHarmless says:

    AFP runs the same story, but mentions Apa’scampaign re. “Global Warming”


    However, without batting an eyelid, the report continues:

    Around 250 people scaled Mount Everest from the south side this year, Nepal’s mountaineering department said Tuesday, as heavy snow brought the brief climbing season to an early close.

    They said the weather on Everest had deteriorated since snow began falling on Sunday, ending a climbing season that has set a record for the youngest person ever to reach the top as well as the highest number of summits.

    “We have come to the end of the Everest season,” mountaineering department official Tilak Pandey told AFP by telephone from Everest Base Camp on the south side of the mountain, which straddles Nepal and China.

    “The spring season can often go on until the end of May, but the weather has got worse since Sunday. As far as we know, there are no more teams left to climb this season.”

    Obviously, the heavy snow is weather, not climate.


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