Yet another UN climate gabfest

What the ABC thinks CO2 looks like…

It’s a whirling carousel of junkets for UN climate negotiators, as the latest talks kick off in Bonn. The UN knows that the climate game is almost up, so at the same time as lining up the next fabricated crisis via which to tax, regulate and generally get up the noses of ordinary people (that would be biodiversity, by the way), will no doubt throw everything at getting a deal locked in before the whole AGW edifice collapses:

Six months after the Copenhagen climate talks, delegates from more than 190 nations were starting a fresh round of talks in Germany on Monday night.

The United Nations is attempting to revive talks for a legally binding international climate treaty. [Sorry, the patient died on the operating table]

The UN says the mandate for all nations is to agree on a long-term global solution to climate change. [How about “Do nothing and adapt where necessary for a thousandth of the cost of CO2 reductions”?]

Copenhagen did not deliver a treaty with mandatory targets or a deadline to reduce the planet’s emissions.

The UN will table a new text at the Bonn meeting to integrate the Copenhagen Accord into a stronger climate deal.

Yeah, good luck with that. Nobody’s really watching any more. Wonder how many Australia is sending at taxpayers’ expense?

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  1. One has to wonder if whoever wrote that article actually read the last two sentences together.

    “Integrate” the “accord”? That’d be like trying to integrate sand into a fishing net.

  2. > Yeah, good luck with that. Nobody’s really watching any more.

    Actually that’s a significant danger. What are they going to agree in secret without the public scrutiny of Copenhagen?

    We don’t know.

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