Rudd hints at new ETS

Is this a backflip on a backflip? Kevin Rudd is threatening a new ETS, to be introduced after the election and passed with support from the Greens:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted at a whole new approach to climate change – a greener ETS, passed sooner than planned.

The federal government has officially delayed its ETS until at least 2013 after failing to convince the Liberals to pass it.

But Mr Rudd changed tack during a media conference with a well-known advocate for action on climate change today.

He opened the door to passing an ETS after this year’s election, and with the help of the Australian Greens, not the Liberals.

A recent poll shows Labor is losing votes to the Greens, who have soared to a record level of support.

“We need to make sure that the Senate becomes, shall I say, positioned in a manner which is able to deliver that change to Australia’s domestic laws,” Mr Rudd said at a news conference with the Maldives President.

You literally cannot trust a single word this man utters – a prime minister without any principles who will do anything to stay in power.

Read it here.


  1. You really think he is a man? I don’t

  2. fehoiwarth says:

    We need to remember that the last version was greatly flawed through the compromises made with the opposition. There is no way the Greens will pass this version. We can only hope that the future government can get something like or improve the original version. I would say this is why Mr. Rudd dumped the version that Mr. Turnbull supported.

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