Climate Madness: call for supermarket goods to have "carbon labelling"

Not a joke, perhaps?

You Couldn’t Make It Up Alert: More lunacy from Down Under as a local consumer group calls for products to have a label showing the amount of amount of greenhouse gases generated by a product’s raw inputs and manufacturing process. No, really, they’re 100% serious:

UK shops have hundreds of product lines with a carbon label and a UK parliamentary environment committee has said such labelling may prove the single most important measure in promoting change at home, work and in business to slow down climate change.

Australia has no such labelling and its big supermarkets and the industry body, the Australian Food and Grocery Council, are querying the consumer appetite for it and if carbon emissions should be stated on a product or if a label with a single broad environmental rating is better.

The AFGC said it couldn’t estimate when a consistent approach may be agreed and some form of labelling introduced.

Asked what the industry was doing to help raise consumer awareness, the AFGC said it had a group of retailers and manufacturers looking at options but no consumer groups were included in the group.

Choice senior food policy officer Clare Hughes said: “I think the industry needs to be showing leadership and responding by giving consumers information so that they can make sustainable choices.

“This is an area where we should be educating consumers, explaining that there are sustainability implications for the food choices that they make, and not just waiting,” Ms Hughes said.

Can you believe it? All of this is based on the assumption that CO2 is the primary driver of climate, which it almost certainly isn’t, and if it isn’t, this whole exercise is totally, utterly pointless, and will just push up the cost of essentials at the supermarket checkouts. At least the Coles supermarket chain has more sense and is politely telling them all to get lost:

“It’s premature to commit to one approach until we better understand the level of customer demand for, and understanding of, carbon labelling”.

Climate madness.

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  1. Climate madness alright. Someone please ascertain what the “amount of greenhouse gases generated” by producing and smoking weed is. Surely if it could be found that it’s substantial we have a chance of shutting these fools the hell up. Honestly, what can we expect next?

  2. ian middleton says:

    I wonder how big the carbon label would be, for say, the total carbon emissions generated in the manufacture of solar panels and those silly poisonous little light bulbs.

  3. And another climate crazy is a supermarket in Sydney has banned shopping trolleys in order to make sure people don’t drive to the supermarket. This way most of those who use the supermarket are meant to be local and walk there. The green kool aid certainly fries their brains.

  4. As I have said before we do really live in an age of stupidity. Whatever next will these crazies dream up?
    My mind still continues to boggle and boggle!

  5. Research shows that labels influence shopper choice:


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