Japanese told to go to bed early to cut emissions

Wacky Scheme No. 2: Japanese sleeping hat

Wacky Scheme Alert as those crazy Japanese decide they are going to save the planet by … going to bed earlier. Simple! Yet more interference in the way people live their lives by the ever-present green police:

The Morning Challenge campaign, unveiled by the Environment Ministry, is based on the premise that swapping late night electricity for an extra hour of morning sunlight could significantly cut the nation’s carbon footprint.

A typical family can reduce its carbon dioxide footprint by 85kg a year if everyone goes to bed and gets up one hour earlier, according to the campaign.

The amount of carbon dioxide emissions potentially saved from going to bed an hour early was the equivalent of 20 per cent of annual emissions from household lights, “Many Japanese people waste electric power at night time, for example by watching TV until very late,” a ministry spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph.

“But going to bed early and getting up early can avoid wasting electrical power which causes carbon dioxide emissions. If people change their lifestyle, we can save energy and reduce emissions.” The campaign also proposes that people take advantage of an extra hour of morning sunlight by improve their lifestyles in general by running, doing yoga and eating a nutritious breakfast. [That’s the great thing about environmentalism – you get to tell everybody else what they should and should not do, kind of like a green dictatorship]

It is the latest initiative tackling climate change by the Japanese environment ministry, which is faced with the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25 per cent from 1990 levels within the next decade.

Not a hope in Hell, especially with barking mad schemes like that one.

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  1. I love the sleeping hats. These might soon be regulation issue for our public servants, to prevent workplace injury claims when their elbows slide sideways causing their nose to hit their desk.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    If they go to bed early won’t they end up procreating instead of watching TV?

    Then how will these poor enviroloons deal with the resulting overpopulation issue?

    Perhaps they will have to consider taxing sex as well as C02?

    Oh what a green pickle they are in…..

  3. froggy uk says:

    This just confirms how nutty the japanese are, & i thought all their stupid ideas were only restricted to gameshows.

  4. What people fail so utterly to realise is that an idea like this will have almost zero as a result, even if it does catch on.
    Electrical power is consumed in three areas, Residential 38%, Commerce 37% and Industrial 24%.
    The only area this will be ‘felt’ is in the residential sector. With electrical consumption now a staple of life, personal use in the home is still ‘discretionary’. People will not consciously alter their way of life for an obscure idea of Climate Change/Global Warming.
    If as many as the huge number of 5% of people implement this at home, then the savings will be 5% of 4% of 37% of the total power consumed, or 0.07% of all the power being consumed.
    It always seems like a good idea at the time, that is until you see the actual facts. Then it just looks like what it really is. Ridiculous hype!

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