Wong: Gillard wants carbon trading

Get back in the cave

Penny Wong has crawled out from the cave she’s been in since December to tell a climate conference that Julia Gillard wants a carbon trading scheme.

Some of the world’s leading climate change scientists have gathered on the Gold Coast to discuss how the world can best adapt to a warming world.

Climate Change Minister Senator Penny Wong welcomed almost 1000 delegates to the event, stressing the importance of the science behind the debate. [Ha, ha – my aching sides]

Senator Wong said the government would listen carefully to what the conference had to say.

“Julia Gillard has made clear her commitment to this issue, and her views about the need for a price on carbon,” she told reporters.

“The reason we don’t have a price on carbon is Tony Abbott tore down a leader (Malcolm Turnbull) and installed himself on the basis that he doesn’t believe climate change is real, and the Australian Greens voted with Mr Abbott. [You mean like faceless factional bosses tore down Kevin Rudd and installed Julia Gillard? The irony is clearly lost on Penny]

“All of us who understand the risks climate change poses to Australia and its future have a responsibility to work and build a consensus, which Tony Abbott torpedoed.”

Ahh, how I’ve missed Penny (not).

Read it here.


  1. When they consistently reject peer-reviewed science that is contrary to their agenda, debate can’t be too “important”.

    Listening carefully isn’t the same as paying weight to what is being said, either.. which is presumably why they didn’t say that’s what they’d do.

  2. Russell says:

    Penny Wong All The Time

  3. Penny Wong may think this but I doubt Julia Gillard does, especially after this apparent Galaxy poll result only 2 days before:

    “Only 11 per cent of the 800 voters polled believe Ms Gillard should revive the emissions trading scheme to tackle climate change and 13 per cent feel she should get tougher on asylum seekers.”


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