Climate madness: New Zealand begins ETS

Wave your economy goodbye

Token Gesture Alert as the government of New Zealand, unable to think straight thanks to years of green environmental propaganda, brings in its emissions trading scheme. New Zealand emits about 0.1% of global CO2. So even if New Zealand reduced its emissions to zero overnight, AND it were demonstrated that the climate sensitivity is large enough to notice (which it hasn’t been), it would make not the slightest bit of difference to the climate. Not only that, but I hardly think that China and India are going to look at New Zealand, and, wracked with guilt and remorse by the plucky little country’s valiant efforts to save the planet, stop their coal fired economies in their tracks. Not on your life. China and India are far too busy building their prosperity and lifting their populations out of poverty. It’s only wealthy countries can afford the luxury of pointless environmental gestures like this.

So the only result will be higher prices for poor Kiwis. Everything will cost more: electricity, petrol, groceries, consumer goods – everything – since everything (virtually) requires energy for its production or transportation. As the ABC reports:

New Zealanders are bracing for higher electricity and fuel prices with the introduction of an emissions trading scheme (ETS).

From today New Zealanders will pay around three cents a litre more for fuel.

Electricity bills are set to increase by up to 5 per cent as companies pass on the costs of buying carbon credits to consumers.

Environment minister Dr Nick Smith says New Zealand had to act because its greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 25 per cent over the past 20 years. [So from absolutely tiny, to slightly less absolutely tiny]

“It’s actually about New Zealand starting the path, starting the change to a less carbon intensive economy,” he said. (source)

Good luck with that. Just watch your industries move offshore, and your economy decline for no purpose whatsoever.

Climate madness.


  1. Rick Bradford says:

    Once again confirming that modern politicians are much happier with moralistic (noble, feel-good) policies than with moral policies (those that benefit the people they claim to represent).

    My condolences to the Kiwis.

  2. cbullitt says:

    I blame Peter Jackson. Sure sitting around bibbing ale all day looks like the good life, if you don’t mind being three feet tall and having hairy feet.
    But soon their bucolic bliss will be shattered by minions of Mordor demanding their carbon.
    Condolences indeed… “You have my sympathies.”

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    It’s only [so called] wealthy countries [that blindly think they] can afford the luxury of pointless environmental gestures like this.

    There you go Simon. Fixed that one for you for free.

    As you would well know, with the GFC far from over it is simply nothing less than utter insanity for any government to burden their economies with an ETS.

  4. Ironically, a lot of industries will get big subsidies from the ETS; it is the taxpayers that will pay (if there’s any left after the smart ones move to Australia).

    But you’re right, manufacturers will leave and a small one has kicked things off:

  5. walken home all walken home

  6. For those who can read German:

    Click to access 0903111a3002,templateId=raw,property=publicationFile.pdf

    The Germans, who are doing their utmost to support the global warming swindle, recently noticed that this is very expensive and doesn’t make much sense.
    Now they have it in writing from their own financial experts

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