Moonbats of the Week: Blacktown City Council

Total waste of taxpayer money

More taxpayer funded tokenism in the Western Sydney suburb:

TWO sculptures, costing $150,000, of mythical Greek men wearing 8m-wide glowing wings will be built to warn residents about climate change.

Taxpayers will pay for the statues under the Federal Government program Solar Cities which is charged with raising awareness of sun power.

Solar panels on the back of the statues will capture energy that will light the wings at night in Blacktown Civic Plaza and Mount Druitt Town Square.

The sculptures, costing $75,000 each, are drawn from the ancient Greek myth of Icarus, who escapes prison but flies too close to the sun, which melts his wax wings leaving him to fall to his death.

The mythical figures of Icarus and his father Daedalus will represent “the power of the sun” and “serve as a warning to those who ignore the needs of the planet”, said a report going to Blacktown City Council tomorrow. [Well I guess the power of the sun is at the heart of climate change…]

“The underlying connection is that while Icarus gained his freedom, he did not listen to his father, with dire consequences. The analogy is future generations will also suffer serious consequences if sustainability programs are not put in place now,” it said.

$150k for that? There really is one born every minute.

Read it here.


  1. How ironic that they should say they represent “the power of the sun”, and include a cautionary about not listening and dire consequences

  2. Laurie Williams says:

    More obscenely expensive idiotic junk “art” cluttering open public spaces. More wasteful stupidity tolerated by the weak population. Wings, eh? To indicate people’s freedom and prosperity flying away because of the global warming errr climate change scam? How about a large concrete elephant shit with arms and legs protruding from under it, to show how we’re all being dumped on by the parasites who profit from this scam – and the labour market regulation one?

  3. Green Jobs pay good money for starving artist who knows nothing about science. Ironic Artist claims that art will build awareness about nonexistent problem using ancient Greek mythology that was just that, myth.

  4. …Reaches for petrol driven disk cutter……..attach a metal cutting disk and wait for nighttime! ………..

    I was actually referring to a bunch of anti speed camera anarchists in the UK but…. 😉

    Have a good break from the blogging Simon.

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