Kevin Rudd "in line for UN climate job"

I know 5 facts about climate change, all of them wrong

Our socially-disfunctional-verging-on-autistic ex-PM would fit right in at the UN, spouting platitudes about saving the planet and the evils of capitalism whilst being whisked off to all-expenses-paid climate gab fests in exotic locations around the globe. At least at the UN he’s less likely to do any damage:

News Limited papers are reporting that the former prime minister is being considered for the top-level job, which would force him to leave Australia. [Tragedy! I can’t bear the thought!]

The newspapers quote an unnamed source who says Mr Rudd could be made a special envoy or an ambassador reporting directly to the UN secretary-general.

They say the United Nations “refused to hose down speculation” on the appointment.

Mr Rudd was in New York last week and met the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

They are most welcome to him – how about starting next week?

Read it here.


  1. Perhaps the UN might consider Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd job sharing for this role!

  2. Sean McHugh says:

    This is perfect. I think, that in Australia, Rudd’s departure to the UN, as climate change adviser, would be applauded by both side of the Global Warming debate. Go KevUN.

  3. So he’d be like a PR kind of guy for the UN? At least if he’s not actually implementing policy, he can’t do much harm, like you say..

    Given what’s been happening in the alarmist world lately, I’d give him a year, then he’ll be out of a job.

  4. “I know 5 facts about climate change, all of them wrong”. It fits. But on that occasion I think you’ll find it’s the age of his chief adviser on climate crap, Gracie, that he’s on about. And he got that wrong, too.

  5. Treeman says:

    Rudd would be far better suited to heading up Joolia’s new Citizens Assembly of Hot Wind!

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