UK climate madness: Huhne wants more wind farms

Expensive, inefficient, ugly. Like Huhne.

Here in Aus, we haven’t yet got to this level of lunacy, but we’re well on the way. So as we watch the lights slowly fizzle out in the country formerly known as Great Britain, but which should now be known as piss-weak Britain [and I should add it is the country of my birth, so I don’t say that lightly], it is a salutary lesson to the rest of us.

The Conservative/Liberal coalition has only been in power for five minutes, but has already demonstrated that it is as nauseatingly deep green as the outgoing Labourites, if not worse. Christopher Booker is incredulous:

The penny is fast dropping that by far the most disastrous appointment made by David Cameron to his Coalition Cabinet was that of the ultra-green, Lib Dem millionaire Chris Huhne as our Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Yesterday, after Mr Huhne issued his first annual statement on Britain’s energy future, it was clear that we should all be very, very concerned about the future of Britain.

As was only too predictable, the overall theme of Mr Huhne’s message was that ‘climate change is the greatest global challenge we face’.

We must do everything we can and more to cut down very drastically on our ‘carbon emissions’, as we are now legally committed to do by the Climate Change Act – at a cost of £18 billion a year.

But in the real world, the £100 billion-plus energy question that confronts us all in Britain today is how we are going to fill that massive, fast-looming gap in our electricity supplies when the antiquated power stations which currently supply us with two-fifths of the power needed to keep our economy running are forced to close.

The headline answer given by Mr Huhne is that we must build thousands more giant wind turbines.

As a 24-carat green ideologue, he is viscerally opposed to replacing the ageing nuclear and coal-fired plants which currently provide us with more than half our electricity.

Like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown before him, he dreams we can somehow fill that gap by erecting 6,000 wind turbines in the seas around Britain’s shores, and thousands more across many of the most beautiful parts of our countryside.

What is truly terrifying about Mr Huhne as our energy minister is that he seems so astonishingly ignorant about even the most basic principles of how electricity is produced.

He boasts about how the 3,000 wind turbines we have already built have the ‘capacity’ to generate 4.5 gigawatts of electricity.

Capacity is the crucial word here. As he could see from figures on his own department’s website, thanks to the fact that the wind blows only intermittently, the amount of power these windmills actually produce is barely a quarter of that.

In other words, the amount of electricity generated by all those turbines put together, at a cost of billions of pounds, is no more than that provided by a single medium-size conventional power station – equivalent to a mere two per cent of the electricity we need.

The lights will be going out in the UK pretty soon.



  1. Sounds like Huhne is channelling Rudd:

    ‘climate change is the greatest global challenge we face’.

    Yeah, too bad about hunger, poverty, disease and all that, eh?

  2. froggy uk says:

    I wonder if Huhne has to go along with this charade as his boss (Nick Clegg) wife has landed a highly paid job in the wind turbine company supplying these useless things?,oh of course not!, i guess itll be put down to coincidence as per usual, the logical concept of “no wind, no electricity” seems to have been somehow overlooked by our wealthy but gormless eco warriors in suits.

  3. It’s good to see this disaster-in-the-making is visible outside the UK. Huhne (or Hoon, which is pronounced the same and in the UK at least is a very rude word for a lady’s front bottom) is a dangerous idiot. The UK is blessed with reliable & almost constant wave & tidal energy, of sufficient power to satisfy even the greenest Green. So is Hoon going to promote and encourage use of this bounty? Of course not, he’s obsessed with wind & solar sources! You do not need to be a climatologist or physicist to know these are intermittent sources, especially useless during maximum demand periods, like winter nights.
    I’m buying a generator soon, as the lights (& computers, gas boilers, TV, etc.) will be going out soon if this dolt has his way.

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