Rudd's foot on the first rung of the UN ladder

Off to the UN

Secretary General here we come? Tony Abbott rubbishes Joolya Gillard’s “part-timer”:

DUMPED prime minister Kevin Rudd has accepted a part-time role on United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s panel on global sustainability.

Tony Abbott immediately seized on the unpaid appointment to attack uncertainty over Julia Gillard’s front bench.

Labor dumped Mr Rudd as its leader in June, replacing him with Ms Gillard, who has said that if she wins the August 21 election her predecessor will have a senior role in a re-elected government.

Two of Labor’s most experienced ministers – Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner and Defence Minister John Faulkner – have announced they will quit their positions after the election.

And speculation has swirled that the Prime Minister will offer Mr Rudd the plum role of foreign affairs if Labor is returned.

Mr Rudd said in a statement the UN job would not compromise his role as an MP, presuming he was re-elected later this month in his safe Brisbane seat of Griffith.

But Mr Abbott said the job would involve “significant time out of Australia” and “significant time on UN business”.

“It’s now official. Former prime minister Rudd does have a part time job with the United Nations and what it means is that this government’s ministry is in complete flux,” Mr Abbott said in Sydney.

“Not only do we have a situation where the prime minister can’t say who her finance minister will be, who her defence minister will be, who her foreign minister will be after the election.

“We’ve also got the prospect of part-time ministers in the Gillard cabinet should the government be re-elected.

“It’s just not good enough. Australians deserve a full-time government and they won’t get that if this government is re-elected.”

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  1. Jack Savage says:

    Yes, this politician has served his apprenticeship as an altar boy in the Church of Global Warming and World Governance and now he will be rewarded with a seat at the top table.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Abbott says Rudd will spend “significant time out of Australia” with his precious new UN portfolio.

    Nothing new here folk. He spent “significant time out of Australia” when he was PM as well.

  3. Les Dyxic says:

    Wonder if he’ll blubber if banki sacks him?

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