Weather disasters: global warming "the only logical explanation"

Because, er, we can’t think of anything else it could be (or more truthfully, we haven’t bothered really looking, ‘cos we’ve pinned it on global warming already). That’s the level we have reached. More moonbat nonsense from the alarmist reinsurer Munich Re (see here for previous scaremongering by this bunch). From the UK Times (regurgitated in The Australian – shame on them):

THE number of weather-related disasters has more than doubled in the past 30 years.

And global warming is the only logical explanation, according to a comprehensive analysis of storms, floods and droughts.

There were 828 “weather catastrophes” involving loss of life and major economic damage across the world last year, compared with 317 in 1980.

The analysis by Munich Re, the reinsurance company, found 385 such events in the first six months of this year – the second highest in any January to June period since records began in 1974. The report does not include this week’s flooding in Pakistan, landslides in China and wildfires in Russia. (source)

So “global warming” causes more severe weather? That’s odd, because accumulated cyclone energy is at a 30-year low:


Who cares? As long as we can continue to blame “global warming” for weather related death and destruction.


  1. I’m wondering whether this kind of study has been validated by anyone independent of Munich Re. I’m especially interested to know what data they used to reach their conclusions.

    Sometimes historical data on disasters just isn’t available, so it’s not a case of increasing disasters, just increasing data.

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