Australian Academy of Science sells out to alarmism

Sold out to alarmism

Just like so many formerly-learned societies that have gone before it, such as the UK Royal Society (see here for example), the Australian Academy of Science has published a climate change document pushing the usual alarmist line, and advocating the inevitable “deep cuts” in emissions, as The Australian reports:

THE Australian Academy of Science has pitted its expertise against the greenhouse sceptics in a report stating that humans are changing our climate.

The statement expresses for the first time the consensus among Australia’s top climate scientists on the evidence for human-caused global warming.

In it, nine eminent climate scientists declare that global average temperatures has risen during the past century, and that increased greenhouse gas levels due to human activity are mostly to blame. The academy issued the statement, The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers, in Canberra on Monday as part of National Science Week.

The document sets out the evidence for human impact on climate and outlines the possible consequences of failure to make deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, the reality is that there is no evidence of this whatsoever. All we know is that the small additional amount of CO2 added since the Industrial Revolution will have warmed the climate by a fraction of a degree. Apart from that, it’s all supposition and models. And look who’s in the list of authors:

Among the authors of the academy’s report are David Karoly, of the University of Melbourne; Matthew England, of the University of NSW; Michael Bird, of James Cook University; and the CSIRO’s Mike Raupach. (source)

Two of the best known climate alarmist scientists – Karoly in particular makes regular appearances at ACM (see here). I wonder if they asked Bob Carter (also of James Cook Uni, probably just along the corridor from Bird) or Ian Plimer to contribute? Don’t make me laugh. They don’t want their precious warming faith attacked by free-thinking scepticism.

The AAS document can be downloaded here (PDF).

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  1. “However, evidence going back up to 20 centuries does not show changes in
    global temperature resembling those that have taken place in the last 100 years”

    Cites Mann et al 2008 as a source. I nearly spewed my coffee onto the screen.

  2. I hope they are not looking at the corrupt satellite data.. Or maybe its just to be ignored..

  3. Sadly for AAS credibility its arguments in this report boil down to the precautionary principal. It four “pillars” all easily refuted. Seems the authors are not keeping up with the literature.

  4. Just like the Royal Society in Britain, whose president Martin Rees, has totally “flipped his wig”, and is in full denial mode. That is denial that there is any point of view, other than his own. This is lack of proper diligence, I would say. The fraud squad need to lookat the reasons for these strange pronouncements, and whether anyone has made financial gains as a result.

    See the many videos, and political comment at this website:

    ! The Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science !

    ! Where Hokum Climate Science is exposed as Fraudulent !

    See also the special Live Australian Elections page, available for the duration


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