Election 2010: New poll is the only answer

Rather busy at present so only a short post, but I have been watching, with increasing dismay, three obscure independent MPs turn into pocket despots as the balance of power goes to their heads in double quick time. Ludicrous demand follows quickly after equally ludicrous demand, each of which make little or no sense. The future of Australian government shouldn’t be in the hands of these three mavericks. Unlike Julia, who appears happy to give them whatever they want in order to cling on to power, Tony Abbott is right not to pander to their nonsensical rantings. If that means Labor ends up in government with a rickety coalition, so be it. It won’t last a year, and in that time, Tony can have an absolute field day.


  1. lets go back to the polls.

  2. Agree 100%. Let them have it. Next election it will be the coalition in a land slide.

  3. Agreed (good luck Mr. Abbott!).

  4. Laurie Williams says:

    Thanks Moi for sharing. What a rant! Amusing, but it’s a pity that that is the side that the public sees, because of the fact that scares sell newspapers. Not surprising that this guy has written a book and is making $ from sales to the gullible – a mini Gore.
    Re new poll, and the three am-egos, yes.

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