Climate madness in Canberra

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The Australian Capital Territory’s loony Labor government tries to outdo the world:

The ACT Government has announced it will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2020 – the most ambitious climate target in the country [and most of the sane world].

Australia’s national target is to cut emissions by between five and 25 per cent by 2020. [with the emphasis on “five”, if you’re lucky]

ACT environment minister Simon Corbell tabled the new target in a Bill in the Legislative Assembly [pictured] today.

“Governments have a responsibility to act on this issue, and the ACT Labor Government is leading Australia on reducing our carbon footprint,” Mr Corbell said in a statement.

The ACT has also pledged to have its emissions peak by 2013, decline by 80 per cent by 2050, and for the ACT to be carbon neutral by 2060.

And now back to the real world…

Read it here.


  1. Essentially the same gaggle of gallahs, ignobly led by Stanhope and Hargreaves, chiselled $72000 out of taxpayers for a bronze statue of Al Grassby in 2007. And now this travesty. It’s a wonder long-suffering voters don’t run the buffoons out of town, let alone return them to office.

  2. Bernd Felsche says:

    I guess that those cuts could be achieved if Parliament House were to be “re-purposed” to be a nuclear waste dump.

    At least there’d then be some real power in those corridors. Not JUST decay.

    “Offsets” don’t reduce emissions.

    I don’t understand how an ACT government can propose a plan that aims to make Canberra a ghost town by 2060.

  3. c monster says:

    Carbon Neutral…the only way for humans to be carbon neutral is to “assume room temperature,” which is what radical greens want for us anyway.
    But then there are all those other greenhouse gasses associated with decomposition. Poor Greens, maybe they could conduct some research on that among themselves.


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