NSW experiences "coldest winter in 12 years"

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From the Weather Isn’t Climate Department. There are thousands of blog posts elsewhere in which you can read about the review of the IPCC that came out today [summary: it needs fundamental reform – surprise, surprise], so here’s a local story from New South Wales, Australia:

NSW shivered through its coldest winter in 12 years, while daytime temperatures in August hit their lowest since 1990.

NSW experienced average daytime temperatures of 15.9C, making it the coldest winter since 1998 and the 16th nippiest winter on record.

Climatologist at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), Shannon Symons says widespread rainfall also resulted in the wettest winter since 2005. [Which is odd, because the BoM are always predicting that global warming, er, climate change will cause massive droughts…]

“Northern inland regions received above, to very much above average rainfall and that was mainly in July and August, and that’s pretty much the case (across) NSW as well,” Ms Symons told AAP today.

Inland rainfall was attributed to a La Nina event, which creates cooler than average sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

“When we have La Nina events we, not always, but usually see enhanced rainfall across eastern Australia,” Ms Symons said.

Then we have the inevitable caveat:

Ms Symons said in the coming months, temperatures should rise as NSW settles into spring. [Well, of course they will. Duh…]

She said the La Nina event should dissipate by summer, but while it continues, there are chances of above average rainfall in inland NSW and warmer nights. (source)

In other words, it’s only a temporary cooling, and global warming will really take off again very soon, just you wait and see. But hang on, Watts Up With That is reporting that La Niña is actually deepening still further. Spoils the story a bit.

(h/t Climate Realists)


  1. Whenever there’s more rain than expected the tune changes to “extremes caused by climate change”.. so if there’s drought.. it’s climate change.. if there’s rain, it’s climate change.. next we’ll be hearing if everything stays “average”, it’s climate change.

  2. Sean McHugh says:

    Yet this appeared in the Brisbane Times yesterday (31st Aug):


    “Sydney has experienced its 21st consecutive year of above average winter temperatures, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

    As the city welcomes its first official day of spring tomorrow with expected maximum temperatures of 24 to 25 degrees, bureau climatologist Acacia Pepler said the string of warmer winters was “very unusual”.

    “What we are seeing is consistent with what we would expect under global warming,” Ms Pepler said.”

    I think I have just found the explanation. The source is the Sydney Morning Herald.

  3. mark conley says:

    It’s GLOBAL warming, not regional, as an engineer you must be aware of the statistical term “mean”. They are predicting a drier climate in ‘some’ regions and a wetter climate in others. How can you expect to convince doubter doubters when you talk rubbish, mark

    • @Mark: It’s simple really – when the warmists stop using local weather events to “prove” global warming, I won’t need to make ironic posts like this.

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